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The aerospace industry is experiencing a growing trend. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), air passenger numbers are set to increase from 3.8 billion passengers in 2016 to 7.2 billion passengers by 2035.

ATS Global has vast experience spanning 30+ years in the aerospace and defence industry. During our evolution within the sector, we have served premiere aerospace organizations cutting across OEMs, Tier-1s, Tier-2s and component suppliers. Our domain experience spans from underwater defence submarines to high-flying commercial aircraft, from complete engines to elementary casting components.

We have been instrumental in technological evolutions at major aerospace and defence installations over the past 3 decades and our rich portfolio of Products, Solutions and Services have helped global aerospace and defence manufacturers in their Automation & IT, quality and digital transformation initiatives.

We are glad to be associated with four of the global top-10 commercial aircraft manufacturers. We are the prime reason behind continuous uptime of production critical applications at our customers´ global production sites.

.To satisfy the demand for new aircrafts and components, manufacturers will require:

  • Expansion of manufacturing capacity

  • Outsourcing into the supply chain

  • Shorter new product introduction cycles

  • Faster production ramp up rates

  • Faster incorporation of new technologies and manufacturing methods

  • Reduction in material and energy consumption, and environmental impact

Fast Facts

  • 5,000+ projects in aerospace and defence

  • Customer portfolio of 3 of the Top-5 Commercial Aircraft manufacturers

  • Experience of implementing aerospace systems in accordance with AS9100 standards for QMS

What do we do?

ATS has been helping aerospace businesses to meet their concurrent challenges by implementing robust and scalable automation and digitalisation solutions.

Some of the proven business cases successfully implemented in global aerospace and defence companies include:

  • Manufacturing Operations Management for full traceability systems for material and manpower
  • Quality Management solutions for Visual Inspection and a precision geometric quality system to understand and correct underlying defects
  • Management of shop-floor operations for repair processes
  • Virtual commissioning and maintenance of a high-fidelity digital twin
  • Process Planning, Assembly Engineering and Manufacturing Knowledge Management systems to enable highly repeatable operations with fewer resources requiring less training
  • Production planning and scheduling for aerospace and defence industry
  • Capturing and utilising key process variable data from the manufacturing process to self-correct and prevent faults from progressing
  • IT/OT convergence solutions for equipment connectivity and integration of Manufacturing IT systems (e.g. MES, ERP, PLM)
  • Deployment of Industry 4.0 technologies, including IoT, location awareness devices and data analytics with predictive capabilities
  • Andon and OEE KPI / efficiency analysis
  • Consultancy for vendor management & development

Close Loop Engineering – Manufacturing | Digital twin of process and product | IT/OT Convergence

How do we do it?

ATS enables its customers to transform their digital initiatives into roadmaps and execute them with precision. We leverage our decades of experience in the aerospace and defence industry and utilize an optimal combination of our Training, Consultancy, Project Management, Products, Solutions, Services and 24/7 Support to realize our customer’s vision.

Our aerospace and defence offerings cover all of the processes, data, applications and technologies required to fulfil automation, IT, Quality and digitalisation initiatives. We provide an expert perspective on the top technology trends and options available in the market.

The implementation cycle can be customized to suit varying needs of “do it now” for tactical projects and “strategic implementations” for long-term roll-outs. We achieve this with the following key activities:

  • End-to-end digitalisation by reconfiguration of production and assembly lines
  • Enable widespread automation, traceability, digital verification and additive manufacturing across the supply chain
  • Create real-time management information streams by using simulations, modelling tools, algorithms and optimization techniques
  • Prepare assembly lines to take full advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data analytics and other Industry 4.0 elements by setting up tags, OPC connections, IT/OT integration and interfaces
Structured Service Model

Customer Benefits

  • Reduction in defects, thus improving productivity and cost rates

  • Faster release of product/process changes to the shop floor, improving agility

  • Improved flow and inventory reduction

  • Cycle time optimization

  • Zero disruption resulting from parts transfer across the globe and into the supply chain

  • Faster factory commissioning

  • Improved efficiency and reduction of downtime

  • Accelerate execution of digital transformation strategies

  • Widespread adoption of a standard System across multiple plants

  • Reduction in applications due to standardization and convergence on a core set of strategic applications

  • Just in time delivery systems to ensure efficient information flow lines

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